Backups & Business Continuity

Leadership and Expertise to Get It Done Right, on Time, and on Budget

You rely pretty heavily on your technology to keep your business running: Email communications, important files and records, and applications you use every day to get work done. You can’t afford to lose access to that. Let us keep you safe.

  • Regular backups of all your systems; not just your files, but your applications and settings too.
  • Backups saved in the cloud via our secure US data centers in Boston and Los Angeles, so you never have to worry that anything is lost because office equipment is damaged.
  • Focus on fast and easy recovery from any level of disaster.

Don’t take your livelihood for granted. Contact Globalquest Solutions today at (877) 440-3061 or to talk about preparing YOUR business to weather any disaster and get right back to work.

Reliable Backups Focused on Speedy Recovery

The point of backing up your systems is to make sure you can RECOVER from disaster. That means you’ve got to backup everything possible and make sure it’s easy to leverage your backups when the critical moment comes.

  • Image Backups: Saving not only your files, but also your operating system(s), applications, users, and settings.
  • Cloud Storage: We save your backups in the cloud so they’re protected from anything that could damage your onsite equipment.
  • Virtualization: If you’re unable to use your onsite computers, we’ll use your backups to spin up a virtual copy of your systems in the cloud that you can easily access from any computer that can connect to the Internet.

Proving the Backups Work

It’s not enough to just assume your backups are working right. That could lead to a nasty surprise at a critical moment. Instead, we prove you can rely on your business continuity plan.

  • Backup Monitoring & Testing: We’ll remotely monitor and test your backups every time. If one backup fails, we’ll immediately restart the process.
  • Regular Recovery Dry-Run: See for yourself how your plan works. We’ll regularly do a mock recovery using your backups, so you know how to leverage the system in the event of a real emergency.

We’re ready to help you see how the right IT solutions can transform your business. Contact Globalquest Solutions today to learn more about what we can do to help you pursue your goals. Call us at (877) 440-3061 or send an email to

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