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In today’s world of computers and electronic data, chances are large portions of your company’s priceless information is stored on computers and other electronic devices. As with all electronic devices, these will FAIL at some point. Unfortunately, in most cases, when these devices fail, companies like yours loose critical information that could cost you thousands of dollars.
How do you protect against this today?

Take a few minutes and ask employees in your company how they protect the data on their electronic devices. Most companies have tape backups for their corporate servers but what about the data on individual computers and laptops? How often is data backed up? How often are the backups tested? How do you protect information on mobile computers that spend time out of the corporate offices?
You are not alone.

Chances are you are beginning to get a sense of just how vulnerable your company’s information is. Recent studies show that 83% of all computer users do not back up company and/or personal data. Even backing up data to a tape doesn’t ensure that you can recover from a data failure. The Gartner Group has determined that 71% of all attempts to restore data from backup tapes fail. That means that even if employees do back up their data to a traditional backup tape system, restoring from that tape only successfully happens 29% of the time.
There is a solution!

Globalquest Solutions Online Backup is a fully automatic, state of the art, off-site, data backup solution that leverages easy to use, web-based tools to create and monitor the protection of your company’s data. This means no more thinking about backing up your critical data, no more expensive tape drive systems to buy, no tapes to rotate, no CDs to store offsite, only one simple to use dashboard that you’ll use to monitor the automatic protection of your data.

Globalquest Solutions Online Backup even alerts you if a system has not had a backup preformed within a specified time frame. With Globalquest Solutions Online Backup, you can rest assure that all of your company’s critical data on all of your devices (servers, laptops, workstations, home systems), is protected, monitored and can even be restored from anywhere at any time.

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