Amherst Cloud Management

Data privacy is a growing concern in the modern marketplace. Every day there are more and more reports of data breaches and lost data. Due to this, clients and customers want to know that your company uses a strong data management system, that protects privacy, before they are willing to provide sensitive information. While you can try to build your own computer system that is safe and secure, the better solution, for your Amherst business, is to get cloud management from industry experts Globalquest Solutions.

Protecting Privacy is Just the Start

The cloud management services offered by Globalquest Solutions are designed to protect all of the important data of your Amherst business. But protecting your data through proven privacy practices is just one of the many benefits your business receives with these services. Additional benefits include:

  • Customer or Client Transparency – By storing information on the cloud, you are able to efficiently share it with customers and clients that have the appropriate permissions. This offers transparency to your clientele and gives them access to the information on their schedule, instead of yours.
  • Unlimited Data Storage – Technically the storage isn’t unlimited, but you will never know the difference. With cloud storage from Globalquest Solutions, you will never run into limits of how much information you can store.
  • Regular Backups – As part of your cloud management service, all of your data is backed up regularly. This means that if your computer systems experience a catastrophic crash, you will lose only a minimum of data. That is a guarantee that benefits your company and your clientele.

Get Started Today

If you are looking to upgrade the data management services of your Amherst company, there is no better time to make a change. Our technicians will work with you and your staff to provide cloud services that best meet the needs of your company. With Globalquest Solutions cloud management services, the data for your Amherst company will be safer, easier to share, fully backed up, and available when you need it.

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