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The Baby Boomers were probably the hardest working generation of the last 200 years. They believe in working hard, long hours and sacrificing “frivolous” things like relaxation, family, and sleep for the good of their company. In the last few years, modern medicine has discovered more than enough incentives for modern workers to learn to take a break from the grindstone from time to time. Unfortunately, your physical needs often come second to your business needs. Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean your clients can wait for you to get some rest. Some of us need to be available virtually 24/7 in order to make your company a success. With our Buffalo Citrix services, you can get your job done while you’re away from the office.

The Mobile Work Space

Thanks to the development of the beeper, the cellular phone, instant messaging, e-mail, and the myriad other forms of instant communication, many small business offering B2B services are forced to stay “plugged in” all hours of the day and night. In today’s world, there are no “working hours” for the entrepreneur offering critical services. Our Buffalo Citrix services can allow you to work with people, apps, and data from virtually any smart phone or mobile device!

Citrix Services in Buffalo

In technological industries such as computer programming and Internet Marketing, our Buffalo Citrix services can even help you offer more flexibility to your employees by providing them with the option of working from home. Since our Buffalo Citrix services also allow you to secure confidential business information even as it is being shared within your company.

The Power of Cloud Computing

Probably the most powerful aspect of our Buffalo Citrix services, our cloud options include unified storefront, desktop virtualization, cloud convergence, and Enterprise cloud networks. For service providers, our Buffalo Citrix services can mean incredible uptime and even a new service offering: Desktop as a service.

Our Citrix services are the result of a partnership with Citrix. In fact, we are a Gold Solution Advisor Citrix partner, which means we were certified to be the most highly skilled partner in the specific services we offer. In addition to our Buffalo Citrix services, we also have partnerships with Microsoft, HP, and Extreme Networks to bring you the very best services at competitive rates.

Here at Globalquest Solutions, Inc., we understand that you have enough to do simply providing your primary product or service to eager customers. That’s why we offer solutions for a wide range of IT needs. By providing you with the expertise and special knowledge that only a highly experienced IT manager would have, we can give your company advantages that it wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. And that’s just one way we help our clients move forward to a brighter future. Contact us today to find out more about our Buffalo Citrix services.


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