Buffalo Data Security

Best practice measures are the standard in many different industries. Hospitals, schools, business and more employ security practices to ensure the privacy of their data. Buffalo Data Security services closely adhere to a list of standard practices to ensure privacy. Without getting too technical, these steps include common things like saving information on offsite storage drives, installing security software and other tactics.

Be wary of emails and attachments from unknown people. The ‘I LOVE YOU’ virus was started in the Philippines and spread throughout the world via mailing lists. It’s economic toll was tremendous, causes nearly $5.5 billion dollars in damage. Without security software, your computer systems may be at risk.

Securing your Buffalo Data

Some simple tips to keep your computer system include logging out of your computer before you leave it, restrict remote access and making strong passwords. Making a strong alphanumeric code will thwart hacking attempts.

Global Quest’s Buffalo Data Security service can handle all of the above-named scenarios. Businesses should be sure never to transmit sensitive data via email, like passwords, social security numbers, payroll information or customer’s email addresses.


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