Episode 2 – SharePoint Part 1

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Wednesday November 11th at 10am EST

SharePoint is being adopted across the world. Businesses ranging from a few employees to thousands have found the flexibility, ease of use, and security in SharePoint very attractive. However, just getting a SharePoint setup is not enough to take full (or even partial) advantage of what it has to offer.

In this 2 part SharePoint series, we’ll share the information you’ll need as a business owner, manager, or employee to get the most out of SharePoint. 

Part 1, is for beginners of SharePoint. This is for those individuals that may be moving to SharePoint or currently have SharePoint but want to learn how to use it more effectively.

Some of the items we will cover include:

  1. Problems SharePoint solves for organizations
  2. Introduction to SharePoint
  3. The ways to access documents stored in SharePoint
  4. Usual concerns in making the switch
  5. How secure is SharePoint? Should having your files in the cloud be a concern?
  6. Other helpful features within SharePoint

This 2 part series is “fluff free” as we will get right into the important aspects you need to know to use SharePoint effectively.

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