Episodes 4, 5, and 6 – Excel

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Wednesday December 2nd, 9th, and 16th at 10am EST

This assumes that everyone knows how to open up Excel and enter some numbers or text.  What we will go over includes a combination of keyboard and mouse commands that will make navigating and entering data easier.

1st class.

  1. Getting around the spreadsheet (Keyboard short cuts)
    • Finding the last row
    • Finding the last column
    • Selecting all the filled columns and rows
    • Moving from one sheet (tab) to another
    • Find something
    • Go to a specific location
  2. Entering Data
    • Entering date or time directly
      • Formula (volatile)
      • Direct entry
      • Keyboard shortcut
    • Filling down series and formulas
  3. Entering formulas
    • Understanding relative and absolute referencing
    • Understanding R1C1 notation
    • Using Excel’s built-in function reference

That should fill at least ½ hour with time left over for questions and answers.

2nd Class


  1. Formatting a block of data as a table
  2. Why tables are useful
  3. Tables and Pivot tables
  4. Using tables in formulas

3rd Class

  1. Using and building formulas
    • Using Named Ranges
    • Building formulas one function at a time
  2. How to lookup data
    • Vlookup
    • Hlookup
    • Xlookup (Microsoft 365 only)
    • Index and Match
    • Choose
  3. Using SUMIF, AVERAGEIF,COUNTIF functions
  4. Formulas using IF statement and IFERROR statement
  5. Filtering your data
    • Using the SUBTOTAL function
    • Using Advanced Filter

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