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Dec 16th
Part 3
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Excel - Part 3

This assumes that everyone knows how to open up Excel and enter some numbers or text. What we will go over includes a combination of keyboard and mouse commands that will make navigating and entering data easier.

  1. Using and building formulas
    • a. Using Named Ranges
    • b. Building formulas one function at a time
  2. How to lookup data
    • a. Vlookup
    • b. Hlookup
    • c. Xlookup (Microsoft 365 only)
    • d. Index and Match
    • d. Choose
  3. Using SUMIF, AVERAGEIF,COUNTIF functions
  4. Formulas using IF statement and IFERROR statement
  5. Filtering your data
    • a. Using the SUBTOTAL function
    • b. Using Advanced Filter

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